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transportation & lodging


Overnight accomodations are available in Patzún at the following locations. Patzún is also an easy drive from further accomodations in Chimaltenango and Tecpán.


Patzún is in the department of Chimaltenango, 30 kilometers from the provincial capital, Chimaltenango, and 83 kilometers from Guatemala City. To reach Patzún from Guatemala City, first drive west on the Interamerican Highway through Chimaltenango. Exit at Patzicía. After traversing Patzicía, the distance to Patzún is another 13 kilometers. 

It is also possible to reach Patzún from Tecpán by an 11 kilometer dirt road. Similarly, a 16 kilometer dirt road leads from Godinez to Patzún, although this road is often out of service in the rainy season. From Godinez, it is easy to connect through to Panajachel, Las Trampas, San Lucas Tolimán, or the Coast.

A daily shuttle service to and from Antigua will be offered.  For more information, please email anne@mayahealth.org.

For more information on bus service to Patzún, visit the Patzún municipal page here.

Maps of Patzún are available here and here.