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Más que Desarrollo: Organizando Sistemas Comunitarias en Guatemala

Tercera Conferencia Bienal Hacia “Un Futuro Colectivo”

24-26 octubre 2014

Patzún, Guatemala


“Mas que Desarrollo” is a biennial international conference whose focus is to bring together international, regional, and local community actors involved in grass-roots development work and research in Guatemala. A major focus of the conference is translating the research and the experience of participants and attendees into new creative and practical solutions to community problems. This is not just a conference for researchers or development professionals. It is specifically meant to bring together participants from diverse perspectives, especially participants who are engaged in direct community based action.


Conference attendees are responsible for arranging their own transportation and lodging.  A list of local accommodations and travel resources are available on the conference website.

Attendance at the conference will be free of charge for Guatemalan community participants and community-based organizations.

International attendees and representatives of international and national nongovernmental organizations, both presenters and non-presenters, should submit a nonrefundable payment. This payment is $25 ($20 before September 1) for national participants and $75 ($60 before September 1) for international participants.  Registration and payment can be completed here.

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